Etiquette Musts for Modern Gentlemen

There is nothing surprising that most people are very nervous when they are going on a first meeting with russian women online. They are worried about everything – what to wear, what to say, how to behave correctly, and many more
diverse thoughts that can turn even the most balanced person into a bundle of nerves. But if you follow
certain rules, your meeting can become carefree and fun. Don’t set yourself some tasks and don’t try to
look better than you are. If the desire is mutual, then no special efforts will be needed. So, what are the
musts that can help you turn any date into a pleasant pastime?
What should a man do on a date?

  1. Take a woman home. Good manners are always important when it comes to the first meeting.
    For example, you have to take a girl home. This is an obligatory condition for every meeting you
    have. If your lady doesn’t want you to do this, circumstances are different, then, at least, you
    should call a taxi. And in general, use more gallantry because it makes an indelible impression on
    a lady.
  2. Hold the door, letting a woman forward, push the chair in, help take off the coat – all these
    elements of etiquette will help you show yourself a real knight. After all, nowadays it is difficult
    to find true gallantry. For some reason, young people are embarrassed by such expressions of
  3. Be original. For example, use such a tip from the rules of etiquette – get up when a lady gets up
    from the table, and don’t sit until she sits down. Modern girls like such manifestations of
  4. Don’t talk on the phone. If someone calls you, don’t pick up the phone and then
    demonstratively turn off your mobile. She will really like this sign of attention. A girl may do the
    same, but it is much more difficult for her to do this, so a guy should appreciate this deed.
  5. Pay for her. Today decency is far from being the same as they were half a century ago or in the
    nineteenth century. Even the question of who should pay in a cafe is controversial today. So that
    there are no misunderstandings and a girl doesn’t feel obligated, take the initiative and pay in a
    not ostentatious manner. For example, give a waiter your credit card in the early evening, and
    then this question will not cause embarrassment and misunderstanding.
  6. Come up with the topics for discussion in advance. Most likely, you will want to know more
    about each other, but don’t turn communication into interviews. You should listen carefully to
    what a girl says and try to express your opinion. But there is no need to nod as if you agree with
    her no matter what she says because she may think that you just want to flatter her vanity.
  7. Don’t forget about compliments but don’t overdo it. For example, you can’t tell a girl that she
    has a very lovely chest because it is offensive. It’s nice to hear such things when your relationship
    gets a more intimate level. But if it is said at the first meeting, the further development of a
    relationship can be under threat. You can talk about her face, hair, look into the eyes, in general,
    admire her appearance.